Social and Membership Drive meeting – March 13th, 6pm.

Dinner Theatre- presenting The Dixie Swim Club – Saturday April 12th, 6pm-10pm.

Birding with Victor Emanuel – Wednesday April 16th, 4pm

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International Oleander Society is very happy and excited to propagate a new Oleander to be named for Jane Long. The first plants of the new Jane Long Oleander will be available at the Galveston Home & Garden Show, March 8-9, 2014. The International Oleander Society will sell them at their Oleander Festival in May, 2014. They should also be ready for sale at the Crab Festival in May, 2014.


December 18, 2012: The new signs designating Hwy 87 as JANE LONG MEMORIAL HIGHWAY were dedicated and unvailed at 1:30PM. There is one sign by the Memorial and another sign close to Hwy 124 and Hwy 87.


Dedication of the Jane Long Memorial, a brand new Gateway project, was held on October 13, 2012 the opening day of the Jane Long Festival at 10AM. The memorial will consist of a monument, historical markers and three flagpoles flying the U.S. Flag, Texas Flag and the wonderful Jane Long Flag. The pavilion-like area at the entrance to Fort Travis, right off Hwy. 87 will include benches and pavers. The Galveston County Road & Bridge Dept. is working on the Memorial at this time.


Read about Samson Energy’s generous donation to the Jane Long Memorial at

The Galveston Commissioners Court has designated Hwy 87 as “Jane Long Highway“.  Several Jane Long Society members were in attendance.




After discovering that there was no recognition of Jane Long at the Capital of Texas in Austin, Texas, members of the Jane Long Society commissioned an artist to copy the only known portrait of Jane Long at the Fort Bend County museum. In April of 2011, the portrait was hung in the Library at the Capital in Austin, Texas. The plaque reads “Jane Long Mother of Texas  Donated by the Bolivar Peninsula Cultural Foundation and the Jane Long Society”. Article about portrait.  Article about trip.  Please visit the library the next time you are in Austin.